Social Networking for Tradies

By June 25, 2021October 9th, 2021No Comments

Now it is prominent more than ever to manage your social media. Social networking has become a huge part in everyday life for majority of people. The number of worldwide users of social media is expected to climb to 3.43 billion active users by 2023. These are crazy numbers that indicate just how powerful the social networking market is! Especially with the COVID-19 pandemic, social media has allowed us to stay in touch and connected with each-other, which is so important.

However, for people working within construction and the trade industry, trying to connect and stay in touch with colleagues and mates over an array of social media platforms can be hard to juggle and organise.

If you manage your social media well, it can be a good source of jobs. Read our post here to give you some tips.

But most social media platforms are very good at connecting the trades and construction industry. How can you connect to all the local builders, carpenters, painters and all the other trades in your local area, as well as all the subbies, chippies, workers and apprentices?

With Crew you can!

Crew is an app build by tradies for tradies. It allows you to create your profile, build your network, message others, find work, share your work, post job opportunities and more. Crew allows users to connect with like-minded people within trades all around the world, all within one app.

This opens a huge door for the trade industry allowing workers to be more connected and aid in clear seamless communication.

There are specific social networking apps for other work industries such as’ LinkedIn’ as the ‘facebook for the business world’, now there is one for tradies everywhere – Crew.