How to Start an Apprenticeship

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Trying to start an apprenticeship on your own could be daunting, but don’t worry, we have put together a step-by-step guide for you to pursue the trade career you dream of.

Australian Apprenticeship is a gateway to build your career as a tradesperson. Anyone of working age with any educational background can get an apprenticeship to undertake a qualification while earning an income.

Source: Tradesman Saver

Step 1: Research

With over 500 different job types in the trade industry, you’ll need to spend some time to understand your career interests and explore potential occupations that align with your preferences. Deciding if you prefer working indoor or outdoor, team or solo can make all the difference in finding the right trade career pathway that best suits you.

Australian Apprenticeships Pathways is a helpful resource to find industry information and career advice. Quizzes that help identify your work interests can also be found on their website.

Step 2: Preparation

Before you start looking for apprenticeship, it’s helpful to understand if your chosen industry uses pre-apprenticeship, training environment and your rights and entitlements as an apprentice.

Fair Work Ombudsman provides all the essential information you need to know about the conditions for your apprenticeships, including maximum weekly hours, annual leave and notice of termination etc.

Step 3: Seeking Employers

The traditional approach will be to look for advertised apprenticeships on job search websites (National Apprentice Employment Network/ Apprenticeship Central). You can also set up job alerts and subscribe to the newsletter email of the industry group/ employer you’re interested in to stay open to opportunity.

Another way to approach is to contact employers directly to ask them for job vacancies or contact a Group Training Organisation (GTO) – they recruit apprentices and place them with host employers. Find your nearest GTO here.

Step 4: Sign up

Every Australian Apprentice must be signed up into a formal training contract with the employer once they have been employed. Contact an Apprenticeship Network provider and they will provide you and your employer with a training contract to sign and ensure all parties are aware of their responsibilities during the apprenticeship. You can also get financial support from Centrelink or Trade Support Loan for up to $21,078 to help finish your training via an Apprenticeship Network Provider.

If you need further support to start an apprenticeship, you can contact Australian Apprenticeships via their website or hotline 13 38 73. All the best with your apprenticeship hunting!

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