How to Get Tradie Jobs on Social Media

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How to get tradie jobs on social media.


The importance of building a strong social media presence has never been greater if you run a trade business. With over 20.5 million users in Australia, social media is a powerful tool for tradies to reach a wider audience and boost visibility among potential customers.


Knowing your Target Audience 


First, you’ll have to set a clear goal on who your social media is targeting. It’ll directly influence the social media platform and content you post. Are you trying to get jobs from other tradies, or straight from the homeowners themselves? For homeowners, you want to make sure you have professional looking posts and build up a following. As for networking with tradies, you can post some relatable tradie humour and tips and tricks for tools to gain a bigger following. 


Choosing the Right Social Media Platform 


You don’t have to publish on every social media network to build a great social media presence. Instead, focus on producing quality content for a few platforms will be more helpful to gain brand exposure. For most tradies, the only social media accounts that matters are Facebook and Instagram as these two are the most used social media sites in Australia. Facebook targets wider demographics with the flexibility to showcase your business through posts, videos and reviews whilst Instagram targets the millennials with eye-catching pictures and it’s more suitable for trades like construction and painting. 


Creating a Successful Social Media Profile


Three factors that can lead to better performance on social media are branding, the right information and engaging content. With branding, it’s everything from your logo to your branded work clothing, vehicle signage, to how you interact with customers. A consistent and memorable logo can help you to stand out from hundreds of tradies within your area that offer the same service as you. Here’s a checklist to complete your social profiles:


-Do you have a memorable logo?

-Have you included your phone number and location on your profile?

-Have you provided a clear description of what your services are?

-Is the website linked to your business easy to find?

-Have you planned out your content schedule? 

-Are you using relevant hashtags to boost your posts?


Maintaining Social Media Presence 


Consistency is the key to gain a bigger social media following. Experiment with the posting time to find out when your audience is most active for more traffic and engagement for your posts. Experts recommend the best time to post across all social media is on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays morning. Posts can be made as often as once a day, with high-quality content like professional pictures or video content on a weekly basis for maximum exposure. Besides posting regularly, actively engaging with other users by liking and commenting on relevant posts can also improve your social media presence. Here are some examples of the most engaged social posts you can take inspiration from:


Getting a tradie job starts with building your social media presence today. Please let us know in the comments what aspect of your social media presence you find challenging or any suggestions or methods that we didn’t cover!