How to set up your free tradie profile

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Crew Profile Screen

Creating your free tradie profile, and start connecting with workers in building and construction.


Crew is the only place where all workers in the building and construction industry can connect with each other online. The app is free, and easy to set up.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Download the app

You can download the app for iPhone or Android. It’s free.

2. Sign up

You need a mobile number to sign up. This is to make sure everyone on Crew is legit.

3. Add your details

Like most apps and website, put in your basic information like your name and email. Make sure you add a good photo of yourself, or your business logo. This really helps people to know who you are, and builds trust when you connect with people.

4. Add trade, skills & qualifications

This is where you stand out. Choose your trade and list all the skills you’ve got. Then, add your qualification, or if you’re an apprentice put in what year you’re in. If you’re pre-app, then put yourself as a Skilled Labourer and Seeking Apprenticeship.

5. Add your business (optional)

If you have a business, add it here. You will show on Crew as the business, but can also switch back to your private name. Put in all your business information, including your website and social media pages if you have them.

6. Invite your contacts 

Once you’ve signed up, you can check your phone contacts against tradies already on Crew.  If they’re already on you should connect with them or follow them. You should also invite any other contacts you have with a quick tap next to their name.

7. Add a background image

Finally, make your profile look really hot by adding a background image. Just go to the profile tab on the app and tap the top box. You can add an image straight from your phone.


Here’s a great example of a profile for Urban Constructions in Victoria.

Crew App profile

Good luck and get connected!