7 best tradie apps

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7 best tradie apps

Here’s the best apps for tradies to help run their business.

Tradies are busy, busy people. Running a small business all day and most weekends is hard work. But modern carpenters, electricians, plumbers, bricklayers and other tradies are using apps to make life easier. Below is a list of our recommended tradie apps.

1. Deputy

Managing your team can be time consuming, making sure they’re on the right job and you know how many hours they’ve worked when it comes to payday. Deputy is an excellent rostering app, which also integrates with accounting and payroll software to make payday easy. Here’s a great case study and their pricing, which starts from $3 per user per month.

2. Oneflare

When you want to grow your business, or things are quiet, Oneflare can provide a great source of job leads. It’s free to sign up and see jobs coming through and only costs to bid on jobs. Bidding is limited to three per job, so you have a good chance of winning business is you are quick to respond. They have a dedicated app for businesses to manage quoting to customers on both iPhone and Android.

3. Invoice2Go

Invoicing customers can be time consuming and fiddly. Invoice2Go has built an entire business just making it easy to send invoices and in some cases help collect payment. If you don’t have an assistant or office manager, then this app will save you plenty of time when you should be cracking a beer or spending time with your kids or mates.

4. Trabr

Managing a project is a lot of work. There are deadlines, delays and constant moving pieces. Trabr takes some of the pain points away by streamlining various processes into an app. You create a project, add your team, cubbies and the client, and then can share photos or documents and assign tasks. It gives everyone visibility so you can control things more easily.

5. Fergus

Another one of the best tradie apps is Fergus, focusing on job management  Originally built for electricians, Fergus is now targeting all trades businesses from 1-50 staff. It allows you to assign specific jobs to one of your team, as well as manage inventory and invoice correctly for the job.

6. HiPages

Another lead generation tool, HiPages is focused solely on the home improvement sector. Similar to Oneflare, Hipages generates jobs from home owners which you can bid on to win. Now with just a fixed monthly subscription, you need to make sure you know how much work you want to bid for each month to make it cost effective.

7. Crew

That’s right! You didn’t think we’d leave us out did you? The Crew app is designed for you to stay connected with tradies and trades businesses of all levels in your local area. You can view a tradie profile and posts of their work. You can also send them direct messages. It’s the only way to connect with all workers in the building and construction industry whether they’re a skilled labourer, qualified subbie, or a licensed trade.

Create your free profile and make sure you have a good profile picture and add your skills.


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